Slednecks 9 – SledSlednecks Films necks Films

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Slednecks 9 – SledSlednecks Films necks Films

For the first time ever, Slednecks puts together a legitimate world record distance jump on an airport runway in Minnesota. Slednecks team rider Paul Thacker hucks into the record books. Super athlete Jim Rippey, who showed the world you could flip a sled in Slednecks 4, is back with another first ever stunt off a 2,000 foot cliff in Canada! Slednecks 9 also takes you half way around the world to the Red Square in Moscow, Russia for a first ever snowmobiling event! You can also expect the best riders pushing the sport all over the states, Canada, and AK! Suitable for all ages!

Running time 40 minutes plus multiple DVD extras.×360
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