Best Short Films – Episode 30 – Experimental Films

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Best Short Films – Episode 30 – Experimental Films

What….where…huh?  Am I?   Seriously?  Okay.  Sure.  Alright.  Yeah?  WOAH!  WHAT!???!? HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (weee)Films include:”Citrus”  Directed by Josh Rachbach „Redite” by Patrick Boivin”The 5th Disease” by Farhad Zamani After you watch the show, you can view these films in their entirety at our blog post. Don’t forget to leave me a voicemail: 646-274-4625. Join our FACEBOOK FAN PAGE here. Review the show and enter the competition to win a T-Shirt and be featured on the show! Also!Follow Bobby on twitter here, subscribe to his personal youtube page here, and follow his main page on tumblr here.×360
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