2022-Rediscover Classic Animated Films on Satellite TV

Rediscover Classic Animated Films on Satellite TV

Animation brings the impossible to life. While it is easy to do when young, using your imagination can become more difficult as you get older. Rediscovering classic films, whether you watch them with friends your age or with youngsters who are seeing them for the first time, is one of the best ways to restore your belief in the extraordinary. The following are some of the top movies made in the 1980s and 1990s that you can catch on satellite TV today.

’An American Tail’ (1986). Don Bluth directed this tale of adventure that revolves around a family of mice living in the late 19th century. They decide to immigrate to the New World and board a boat to America, hoping that there will be no cats there. Yet on the way, the youngest son Fievel is separated from the family. The plot thus centers on Fievel’s efforts to be reunited with his family, who believes he has been lost. While it is overall a lighthearted tale, it nonetheless reflects some of the challenges that immigrants had to face, such as separation from loved ones, as they transitioned to life in America.

’The Land Before Time’ (1988). In comparison to the previous film, this movie was a bigger success that also involved collaboration between Don Bluth and Steven Spielberg. It features the epic tale of young dinosaurs who journey to the so-called Great Valley, in hopes of being reunited with their parents or at least finding a peaceful place to live. While the original was made before the existence of many special effects like HD, it was so successful that twelve sequels have since been made.

’All Dogs Go to Heaven’ (1989). Made by the same producer just one year later, this animated classic takes place in the late 1930s and revolves around Charlie and Itchy, two dogs. One is murdered but returns to land, where the two of them save a girl names Anne-Marie. Her innocence makes the gangster dogs consider changing their way of life, as Charlie wants to be able to get to Heaven again. Although not quite so successful in theatres, the fan base has grown as people have found it on video and satellite TV.

’An American Tail: Fievel Goes West’ (1991). Although the producers and directors were different from the original, this sequel continues the story of the family of mice. Having settled in New York, they find that the living situation is less than ideal. Therefore, they set off in search of opportunity in the Wild West of the United States. A cartoon appropriate for kids, there are also elements of the story line that mimic classic Western films. Less successful than the original, it was still popular and satellite TV continues to bring both into family homes around the country.

’Beauty and the Beast’ (1991). Released the same day as 'An American Tail,’ it was financially more successful. Part of this may be due to the spectacular musical numbers filled with dancing plates, silverware, and the candlestick holder. It is frequently shown on satellite TV movie channels because adults and children alike fall in love with this magical tale, very well-done by Disney.


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Rediscover Classic Animated Films on Satellite TV


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