2022-Project/Program Management Best Practices for Success in ANY Industry!

Project/Program Management Best Practices for Success in ANY Industry!

Where is our success? Although there have been improvements, over 60% of projects/programs failed and many were canceled in 2003 (ref:The Standish Report CHAOS)! Our goal for 2004 and beyond is to contribute to a 60% and better, project/program success rate! STOP THE MADNESS-MANAGE AND CONTROL PROJECTS


Best Practice Processes for Project/Program Success(Outline):

  1. Program/Project Management (and Business Management) (Integration)
    • Use of Experience and Knowledge (Integration)
    • Planning and Scheduling/WBS (Scope/Time/Cost)
    • Communication Planning (Communication)
    • Status & Earned Value Reporting (Communication)
    • Performance (metrics) Reporting (Communication)
    • Risks Identification and Management (Risks)
    • Project Repository/DB (Communication/Lessons Learned/Knowledge Transfer)
    • Change Management (Integration)
    • Subcontractor/Vendor Control (Procurement)
    • Team Building (Human Resource)
  2. Development Process (Integration/Solution/Scope)
    • Selection of the appropriate model/technique (e.g., Interactive, Waterfall, Spiral, Evolutionary Object Oriented, Structured)
    • Selection of the appropriate implementation methodology (e.g., MSF, RUP, GXP, DOD- STD 2167 and other standards)
    • Selection, if required, to use Rapid Development
    • Rapid Application Development/Joint Application Development (RAD/JAD)
    • Prototypes and Mockups
    • Interviews and Facilitated Sessions
    • Collaboration
    • Selection of technical and project reviews
    • Selection of development and support tools and applications
  3. Configuration Management (Integration/Scope/Control) (described in the book „Software and Firmware Configuration Management”, subtitled „Management Control and Quality”.)
    • Configuration Identification
    • Configuration Control – Software/Application, Firmware (Embedded Software, and Systems)
    • Configuration Status Accounting
    • Configuration Audits
  4. Quality Assurance (Integration/Quality/Control)
    • Verification
    • Validation
    • Testing

Some of the organizations that support these practices and certifications for their professional knowledge recognized in many industries are: Project Management Institute (PMI) , American Management Association (AMA), Software Engineering Institute (SEI), Electronic Industries Association (EIA), Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and the Department of Defense (DOD).


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Project/Program Management Best Practices for Success in ANY Industry!


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