2022-Easy Watching Films

Easy Watching Films

What film to watch?

When deciding what film to choose, you should take into account what genre you want to watch. There is a large variety of film genres from action all the way to romantic comedies, so if you’re in a soppy „lovey dovey” mood then you’d watch a romance film or a romantic comedy. Or if you’re in gunslinging, car crashing mood then you’d watch an action or action & adventure film. If you’re not 100% sure of what genre you want to watch you can always look at your other options and come back to this section

The Classics or the latests?

The next step is to decide whether you want to watch an older film 'classic’ or a newer film. I personally think this step depends mainly on your age and what kind of movie lover you are. I for example am not that interested in older films as they don’t interest me as much (unless the film is a 'must see’ like Scarface or the Godfarther).My farther however, always recommends me older films – probably because they are the films he wanted when he was younger.

Cast and Crew?

When you’ve chosen a film or genre I always feel it is important to find out the cast and crew. It is a major factor of finding a film because if you like a certain acter/actress, you can find their discography and essentially open you to more films. For example I enjoy Mark Wahlberg’s acting so I could find out what films he’s been in and watch them.

Cheaper way to enjoy movies

In today economy, many people are looking for inexpensive entertainment options for friendly gatherings.

Here’s an idea that doesn’t cost much, and can be really fun.

Try having a classic movie night at your home, here are just some ideas for films and themes.

Undisputed Classics: Many movielovers will have some sort of classic film tucked away in their house somewhere. This is a great way of starting up a classic movie night.

Comedy Nights: Always the most popular genre for get-togethers, personally I don’t think you can beat watching comedies with your friends.

Actor specific Nights: The people you invite to your movie night will all have favourite actors, so they’ll more than likely have a few films staring the same actor. This is a great way for discovering talented actors that you may not of knew of.

80’s evening: Films like Ferris Buellers Day Off, Back to the Futre and Raiders of the Lost Arc, are always good choices for a night in with the friends.

These are merely some suggestions that have worked, but by all means create your own themes and inspire movies on others!. Sharing films at each others home is a great way to socialise as well as save a bit of your money.


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Easy Watching Films


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