2022-COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Through the Narrow Gate

COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Through the Narrow Gate

Matthew 7: 13-14 puts it: „enter ye through the narrow gate, for wide is the gate that leads to hell”. A most telling verse indeed. In light of Coronavirus, to where exactly is this instructional verse guiding. Regards overall health, how do we interpret this verse specifically regards Coronavirus contagion?

By the end of this article, matters in this area should become much more clearer. That, regards COVID-19, we’re not helpless, not at all, in fact, the reverse.

The truth is, we’re each inner equipped with dynamics of prevention and healing specifically regards the situation pertaining globally.

But, until we connect consciously with this protection dynamic, and upload it practically into consciousness, then scriptures as these remain at their intellectual value only. Thus the need of reading the above scripture esoterically, as opposed to literal. Surface reading alone of this, or any scripture, does not alter the state of the soul.

More than ever, it’s time for moving into personal empowerment or direct experience of the innately present divine within each of us. Time for evolving beyond limiting dogmas and belief systems, into authentic spiritual maturity in God-Presence consciousness.

Remembering, that, biblical 'church’ is not referring to a physical building, but one’s consciousness. Similarly, the biblical term 'Jew’ refers to 'inwardly’ — one seeking God within. The term is not referring to the Jewish nation or its people. Thus the words on top of the crucifixion read: 'hail king of the Jews’ meaning, praise be the inwardly directed soul seeking their own Christ within.

This Matthew scripture, therefore, is referring to our being 'inwardly’, being in narrow gate status as opposed to outwardly — wide gate orientation.

At our core, we’re each 'inwardly’: we’re each seeker’s.

To this end, understanding keyphrases in the above scripture, is vital.


What does narrow and wide gates mean?

’Gate’ is an avenue of sense experience, and 'narrow’ is inward focus.

Wide gate is referring to the outer world, to the incessant activity of the scattered mind and its attraction or association with the conditioned five senses.

So, there are two gates. One leading to heaven the other to hell. The gate to heaven is the strait, or narrow gate – meaning to be inwardly seeking – and the gate leading to hell is the outer wide gate of sense consciousness.

The questions arise: what practicalities are involved in entering the narrow gate? Where are these two gates located, and how does one enter through the narrow gate? Do we enter with our belief systems, our creeds, our faith-flags, or with what?

In other words, what is the password?


The narrow gate is mental convergence — a means of self-realization — and is located in the brain. The wide gate functions under the law of spiritual ignorance, here referred to as hell. And the password is, 'meditational silence’.

Mastering these two 'gates’, by applying the password practically, are our protection means against COVID-19. It does so by creating invincible immunity.

Commencing Inwardly

Both gates initially represent polar opposite functioning’s, and for good reason. The reason being, that we must choose one gate standard over the other. Then, having chosen to be inwardly — narrow gate — we make practical progress in that direction: commence the inward journey of knowing God directly. This process — which will be explained — considering the tangible rewards of heaven and health, is not difficult but requires commitment and dedication.

Wide gate consciousness satisfies mind-senses only, while Spirit or narrow gate satisfies the heart,

Narrowing the focus

So, 'the narrow gate’ initially is about NARROWING the wide gate: narrowing the active intellect. Narrowing the activities of the incessant conscious thinking mind and its attraction with the outer world. Narrowing the mental focus is how the senses become withdrawn from their objects, thus transforming wide gate experiencing.

Wide gate activity causes loss of spiritual identity, hence the expression 'what good in conquering the world, if in doing so, we lose our soul’.

We’re born into wide gate standard, hence the need of God-given faculties in bringing about narrow gate standard, thereby access to kingdom of heaven awareness.

Miracle of Convergence

Narrowing of the wide gate, therefore, is one of mental convergence.

Convergence, by transforming wide gate into narrow gate, or, into single-eye awareness, performs as miracle-like activity, in that, convergence facilitates co-existence, whereby both gates function synergistically as one – 'as above so below’.

Repeated arriving at convergence allows the brain adapt to handling two states of awareness simultaneously: world consciousness and eternal consciousness. Prior to dual state of awareness, the brain functioned only in mono.

When converged state becomes established, we’re no longer under the ignorance-compelling influences or dominance of wide gate attractions: we now make conscious decisions. The brain re-calibrates from mono, allowing the nervous system experience time and timelessness — relative and absolute — simultaneously. Remembering that we come in to this world uploaded in mono only.

In other words, when convergence matures, then narrow-gate-wide-gate transform to become infinity and point awareness simultaneously. I say mature, because, there is so much bliss on contact with point, in mature narrow gate, that the nervous system needs time to acclimatize, become cultured into withstanding waves of bliss. Thus it takes repeated practice for the physiology to adapt.

Biblically, point is referred to as 'the least among you’, for there’s nothing smaller than least. Once we gain mature 'least’ — point-contact, or mature narrow gate awareness — the soul is liberated to surf conscious infinity — the non-permeated state of Being.

Relevance of Aum and the Pineal gland

Let us now introduce the vehicle of convergence, the mantra, Aum.

As mentioned, in order to transcend sense activity, we must hone the mental faculties by means of convergence. In achieving this, the brain adjusts to the reverberations of Aum. Aum mantra is the subtle humming sound of the universe. When this sacred vibratory sound oscillates at between 1-3 cycles per second, the brain attunes itself cosmically or Godly.

This inner hearing of Aum, at the subtle level, takes the awareness naturally between the eyebrows, to the pineal gland at the center of the brain. The eyes, in meditation, will automatically travel upwards converging themselves between the eyebrows.

Some may be familiar with certain crucifixion images, where Jesus’ eyes — on the cross — are open and clearly directed to this converged point between the eyebrows. There is how the pineal gland is accessed for its spiritual and health benefits. This gland, therefore, equates to the biblical narrow gate, or point awareness.

There is a bust statue of the pineal gland in the garden section of the Vatican. This symbol is never spoken about, and, yet its esoteric message is vital particularly during this present pandemic.

Pineal experience transcends belief systems.

The pineal is where biblical Jacob (symbolism for the as yet non-redeemed soul) saw the face of God (Bliss). 'Face of God’ is referring to the image and likeness or God-nature awaiting stimulation into consciousness, into our lives as direct Presence experience. The pineal centre is where lower ego – wide gate — gets 'crucified’. It’s also referred to as 'place of the skull’ – or 'mount’, meaning highest point of awareness. In other words, in meditation, when awareness transcends, it become Mount awareness.

Optimizing inner hearing

Many are familiar with chanting of that most revered mantra, Aum or Om.

We’re now going to show just how this wonderful mantra can be experienced even more purely.

In verbal chanting, we’re familiar only with hearing Aum at surface decibel level, and this is beautiful, of course. But, for many, verbal chanting may not be practical in confined residential quarters.

So, let’s say our normal chanting of Aum is through the surface decibel level. Now, commence hearing verbally at surface level, for, let’s say, 30 seconds. Then, cease verbal recitation and continue hearing the same mantra sound silently within – go into 'minus’ decibel level depth. We’re now deepening the inner hearing gate to 4-7 cps, (cycles per second) this is Theta healing state.

With sustained practice, we can deepen to 1-3 cps, this is called Delta state. This is God-Vibration state.

A practice run

Be seated with closed eyes. Commence surface hearing of Aum for about 30 seconds then switch to 'hearing’ Aum silently within.

If the mind drifts into wide gate, and it will — this is why we practice — pause for about 3 seconds, then resume inner 'hearing’. Each resumed 'hearing’ will be from a deeper level. This gate-narrowing from surface activity to cosmic silence, equates to disease-free or divine standard of consciousness.

we come to understand, that, point and infinity are equal: neither are permeated by time, space and causation. Therefore, issues as COVID-19 do not exist here. And if the whole global population entered into point awareness or Pure consciousness daily, the world would not be closed down as pertains presently. But, this too shall pass.

Finally, to complete Matthew 7–13-14 above, we need to clarify Matthew 22–14. This verse is piotal.

It states:

'Many are called but few are chosen’

This verse is directly connected to the wide gate, narrow gate dynamic.

The fact is, through birth, we’ve each alreadybeen chosen, or invited to the wedding feast, to the kingdom of God within: each is invited to enter through the narrow gate. In other words, we’re each bestowed off divine Potential for realizing Godliness within consciousness. Each is given potential of self-realizing 'image and likeness of God’ by conscious choice.

Thus we 'choose’ or make ourselves 'chosen’.

’Image and likeness’ realization is for the purposes of living divine standard through faith-infused consciousness. This faith is not for selective material possessions only, but universal throughout all aspects of our life. Developed faith equates to developed silence, which represents cosmic standard of consciousness or direct alignment in God-nature.

We’ve all been chosen or given an invite to this divine standard. But, weather we choose to go to the wedding feast — choose to converge and go through narrow gate of silence experience — is our choice. In this context, God does not force or choose any of us, as such, we make ourselves chosen.

The word 'many’ means 'all’, and the word 'few’ means 'none’ and the word 'chosen’ refers to choosing ourselves, choosing narrow gate over wide gate.

For many, in the beginning, this path can pose personal challenges. But that’s exactly what it’s supposed to be: a challenge of integration and transformation. And this is why many initially do not find the narrow gate, because they have not consciously decided in finding it.

In the above scriptures, we’re asked to surrender sense-consciousness for the period of meditation. In meditation, we relinquish wide gate for narrow gate, relinquish lower standard for divine or white garment standard. Repeated meditation ensures we’re wearing a white garment at the wedding feast. White garment is achieved by entering through the narrow gate repeatedly, leading to purification,.

In conclusion

Meditation is similar to entering the silence cave within, then re-emerging. But, on re-emergence, we’re not leaving the cave behind, rather we’re taking its pure silence with us. Each time we enter the cave and re-emerge, we grow abuntdantly more in pure silence and stillness. Thus each entry into meditation ensures retention of deeper cave-silence, when, at a certain point, cave silence becomes permanent.

Thus, situations as COVID-19, due to our now invincible immune system, born of converged narrow gate silence, have no effect on us. Blessings.


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COVID-19 Immunity – Enter Through the Narrow Gate


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