2022-Choosing a Good Chinese Course – 5 Components to Look For

Choosing a Good Chinese Course – 5 Components to Look For

When choosing a program to start your Chinese language learning journey make sure that it includes the following parts.
1. Interactive Audio  Listening to spoken Chinese will help you to learn to understand and pronounce it so much faster than studying with books alone.  Being able to turn subtitles on and off is a huge plus too.  Look for programs that have subtitles in English, pin yin and Chinese characters.

2. Culture you are at all serious about learning a language, it’s good to know the culture that it comes from. When looking for a Chinese language course, find one that incorporates cultural details into the lessons and you will have a better understanding of those whom you want to communicate with.

3. Games are great to keep you motivated and to test your knowledge in a fun and realizing way. They are a good way to practice what you have learned and see what you need to improve on before you take a test or quiz. Games aren’t just for kids, so make sure that the program you choose includes a game or two!

4. Quizzes super way to keep you focused on your learning and a great source of motivation-whether you pass it or fail, you will be eager to jump into the next unit or go back and review the last one. Since you are studying on your own, there’s no need to be wary of quizzes or tests, since the results are for your eyes only. But they will be helpful to you in evaluating how you are progressing and if and what you need to spend more time on.

5. 24/7 Private Forum private forum is great for meeting others who are also learning Chinese. You can share successes or get advice from those who are a bit more advanced than you. Once you make some progress you can give back by helping others who are beginning to learn the same language. Of course the forums should also include some support staff from the course so that you can get some professional help if and when you need it.

*Bonus* Money Back Guarantee  If a program has all the above components and looks great for your needs, a money back guarantee would be the icing on the cake! You really have nothing to lose, other than some time. Try out the program seriously for the time allowed and if it’s not holding up to what it promised, ask for your money back.

So there you have it, six tips for finding the right language learning program for you!


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Choosing a Good Chinese Course – 5 Components to Look For


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